How to Prevent Travel Constipation

Planning and preparing can help you prevent travel constipation. However, you may not control things when traveling because you might not always get what you want. Nevertheless, you can still do something to prevent travel constipation. Here’s how you can avoid constipation when traveling.

Drink Adequate Water

Dehydration is a significant cause of travel constipation. If your body doesn’t get enough fluids, it compensates for it by drawing some water from the intestines’ fecal matter. And this can lead to hard stool that’s difficult to pass. And when you have a stiff poop, your bowels will be less likely to have movements. For this reason, drinking adequate water can help you prevent travel constipation.

Be Attentive to Your Body

Your body could give you signs that you need a bowel movement. In that case, go to the toilet the soonest possible because ignoring your urge can cause constipation. Ideally, the stool will get stiffer if you keep it in the rectum longer than necessary. And when the poop gets harder, passing it becomes problematic. Although you may not want to use a public toilet, you’ve no luxury of using your home’s bathroom when traveling. Therefore, try to be comfortable with the idea of using public restrooms when traveling.

Monitor Your Eating Habits

You might not have the luxury of sticking to your diet routine when traveling. However, you can still monitor what you eat. Consider packing fruits, trail mixes, high-fiber protein bars, and granolas if going on a short trip. Avoid foods that may cause bacterial infections when traveling outside the country, such as fruits, raw vegetables, and salad. Also, avoid junk food because it’s low in fiber, and this can lead to constipation. Additionally, slow down and relax when eating.

In addition to these tips for preventing travel constipation, take some time to relax and rest. That’s because travel can be stressful, and this can cause constipation. Therefore, use relaxation exercises like deep breathing, meditation, muscle relaxation, and yoga poses to deal with travel stressors. Talk to your doctor if travel constipation persists.…